Definition of Dictionaries
Dictionaries can be defined as a collection of words of a language or languages given in alphabetical order . Some other terms used for dictionaries.

Uses of Dictionaries´╗┐Dictionaries are used to define words, to verify spelling, for plural forms, for inflected forms, for syllabication, to find antonymns or synonymns, to check on usage to determine the etymological history of a word, to clarify meaning of words and to find the correct abbreviations for words.Types of Dictionaries1. General Languagedictionaries provides information on the words of a particular language. It will explain the meaning and usage of words of a spesific language, Oxford English Dictionary.
2 .Multilingual dictionaries will give equivalent words in more than two languages.

3. Dictionaries dealing with a spesific aspects of language eg
(a) acronyms
(b) quotations
(c) synonymns and antonymns
(d) English homophone dictionary
(e) phrases and idioms
(f) rhymingdictionary for poetry and songwriting
(g) translation of a page

4. Picture dictionary for kids eg.463px-Three_apples_svg.pngAlike: When things look alike, they look the same

5.Fun dictionaries where learners can learn by playing games like
Robo -Bee, Bigbot and Jumble Kids


6.More Multilingual dictionaries. In this dictionaries you will find Free Online Dictionaries, Freelance translators and Oxford Dictionaries.

7. This is a Bilingual dictionary where you can type in the words to find their meanings.

8. Webster's Online Dictionary. On the front page you will find the alphabeth which will help you with translation. You will also
find games , poetry, rhyming, synonyms and many more intersting activities.